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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brain Monkeys

Link: Brain Monkeys

Founded by Katie Tilton, a certified school teacher, artist, engineer, inventor and entrepreneur who saw the need to increase the number programs that support discovery based learning.

Brain Monkeys is out to redefine the reality in which education happens. Our students will be free to stretch, re-invent, and improve the curricula we set out to teach.

We will hand them tools instead of rote memorization because we believe that creativity, intelligence, and critical thinking are best nurtured by challenge and interaction. We will measure learning through projects and team efforts so that students come out with a portfolio of all the incredible things they have invented and the worlds they have conquered.

Brain Monkeys is designed to develop self-reliant and responsible college-bound students. Clear expectations and high standards are in place for all students for whom critical thinking and problem solving skills will be a focus.

Instructors provide an inquiry-based curriculum which promotes understanding across the disciplines and emphasizes depth over breadth. Teachers act as facilitators by providing students with an atmosphere in which they are encouraged to think for themselves, pose questions, investigate hypotheses and pursue solutions. Students become writers, scientists, researchers, explorers and artists as they consider open-ended questions that stretch cognitive abilities and honor individual learning styles.

At the Brain Monkeys, students and staff pursue the integration of intellectual and technical endeavors. Staff are committed to immersing students in a learning environment that will engage their interest in all content areas including literacy, math, the sciences, social studies and the arts.

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