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Monday, July 2, 2012

Beginning Embedded Electronics (11 tutorials)

SparkFun is pleased to introduce our budding Department of Education! We're still working on getting everything up and running, but if you're just getting started in electronics, are interested in taking or teaching classes, or are just curious you might head over to and take a look!

Lecture 1 - Background and Power Supply

Lecture 2 - How to Get Code Onto a Microcontroller

Lecture 3 - What is an oscillator?

Lecture 4 - UART and Serial Communication

Lecture 5 - AVR GCC Compiling

Lecture 6 - Soldering Basics

Lecture 7 - SMD Soldering

Lecture 8 - Eagle: Schematics

Lecture 9 - Eagle: PCB Layout

Lecture 10 - Eagle: Creating a new part

Common Mistakes, Tips and Tricks

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