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Friday, June 24, 2011

Dennis Hong: Virginia Tech Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory

The Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech is a facility for graduate and undergraduate robotics research and education with an emphasis on studying novel mobile robot locomotion strategies. Their research interests are in the area of Robot Locomotion and Manipulation, Kinematics and Mechanisms, and Autonomous Systems.

Robot Soccer Practice

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Everything is a Remix

Everything is a Remix is a four-part series on creativity and innovation by Kirby Ferguson.

Part 1: The Song Remains the same
Part 2: Remix Inc
Part 3: The Elements of Creativity
Part 4:

Self-Organizing Systems

The Termes Project
Biological systems, from multicellular organisms to social insects ("superorganisms"), get tremendous mileage from the cooperation of vast numbers of cheap, unreliable, and limited individuals. As we build embedded systems with similar characteristics --- modular robots, robot swarms, sensor networks, programmable materials --- can we achieve the kind of complexity and reliability that nature achieves?

Good-bye, Bob Pease

Analog engineering legend Bob Pease was killed in car crash, which occurred as he was leaving a memorial service for his friend and fellow analog expert Jim Williams.