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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The ECSITE Project

Engaging Computer Science in Traditional Education

Computer Science is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses researchers with backgrounds in biology, physics, psychology, applied math and other disciplines; combined, they form the core for the development of the “cyberinfrastructure” that has contributed to the advancement of many fields. Computer science graduates must learn to articulate their contribution to science and appreciate their role in that process.

The GK-12 program is ideally situated to address this problem, by training a cadre of computer scientists who have learned how to communicate about what they do to intelligent students and teachers who are not insiders in their field.

Against this background, the goals of our project are:

To train future researchers in Computer Science who are able to communicate effectively with the public about their work, and who understand the connections between their work and other disciplines.

To inform K-12 students about the value of computing in fields they see as important to their further education.

To prepare teachers in other disciplines to communicate to their students the connections between computing and their fields of instruction.

To develop and distribute materials that can be used to replicate our program in other settings.

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